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It’s not about getting photos with your horse, but capturing the emotion you have for each other

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Hello, I’m darren

The concept of Darren Paul Photography is about capturing special moments and creating a memory that you can treasure forever. 

Firstly, I am an equine photographer due to my strong passion for horses, this means I spend a lot of my time travelling to different shows and stables (for 1 to 1 sessions) to capture a perfect shot for different clients.

When I am not working with horses and their owners, I like to turn my attention to landscapes and macro-photography. I have a true passion for photography and don’t just see a client request, I see an opportunity to seize a moment that can mean something truly special to someone.

Many things inspire me and have influenced the assignments I have been given, for example my favourite colour green and the Autumn season. My love of coffee and diet coke (not together) has bode me well at many horse shows, staying refreshed in-between clicking away at the action.

I love all types of horses, but hold a special torch for the heavy horse, maybe because it’s the only horse that could carry me!  I have ridden in the past, but feel more comfortable behind the camera capturing their little characteristics and mood swings.

My journey in to equestrian photography was an emotional one as it started after my sister in-law’s horse was tragically killed in a road accident. Since then I have been lucky enough to be able to photograph local horse shows and charity events.

I am a firm believer in supporting various bridleway associations as not every horse owner has the luxury of having a box or trailer to get them out and about.

Whatever I may be photographing, I focus on the perfect angle, composition and frame, so that I can produce a high quality image that can be used for it’s intended purpose successfully.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about me. 

Make sure you take a look around the examples of photography on my website, and hopefully I will here from you soon.





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